Single: smallthoughts – plz don’t haunt me

“This is (smallthoughts). We have written his name in brackets because if he was to escape such confines his thoughts would become so big they would suck the whole galaxy into them, mirroring the movements of a catastrophic black hole. The artist formally known as Joe Mitchell (not because he is dead, rather he has decided he wants to go with a far more indie sounding name) releases music that most can identify with. With songs with deep meanings such as plonking down in a non-vertical position (lying horizontally) and the hardest pair of shoes to get off after a long walk (wellington boots), smallthoughts’s music will get into your brain and likely never leave, much like a fatal parasite. Follow him on Instagram over at @smallthoughtsinsta

This song is a reflective and thoughtful alternative track by smallthoughts that tells the story of late night anxieties, conceptualized as ghosts that try to speak to you late at night. It’s dreamy and floaty but ends with a crescendo to change up the mood and keep the listener interested. It’s all entirely written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by smallthoughts”

I have listened to this track over and over to fully digest it, I love the melancholic melody and the gentle guitar in the first part of the song, then the sudden change in the middle making it so cool. It has such a powerful build-up. I am enjoying the contrast between the first and the second part of the song. This alt-lo-fi rock song is well made and I am fully hooked on it. I will be revisiting it over and over. What a great atmospheric track that will make you fall in love.

Just start the track.