SINGLE: Second Spring – 777 (Demo)

The Minneapolis based artist, Second Spring releases ‘777’, a new demo offered to listeners that showcases the singer’s creative process. Despite being a demo, the song feels complete and accomplished, bolstered not only by the lush instrumentation and strong songwriting, but the highlighting of Second Spring’s personality. The first twenty-five seconds of the song are kept raw, an external exclamation of Second Spring’s thought process, before launching into the song proper. It is an interesting addition to the song; should the artist release a final version of ‘777’, I can imagine the demo still being listeners favourite for this very reason.

Second Spring’s heart is laid out completely on ‘777 (Demo)’. When artists release demo versions of songs, they are often so popular for the simple fact that listeners feel as if they are much closer to its inception. There is magic in the moments a much loved song comes to fruition, an even greater magic if the moment is captured. Despite ‘777’ feeling already like a complete song, it is of nothing but great privilege to be granted access into the working mind of such an artist like Second Spring, whose songs, without heaps of production layered on them, stand firmly on their own two feet. 

Written by Callum Foulds