Album: Trailerfuss – Roteiro Sem Final

Trailerfuss is a Rio de Janeiro-based alternative rock band comprised of Carol (singer), Leonardo (guitar, acoustic guitars, harmonica, and backing vocals), Lucas (bass and backing vocals), and Bruno (drums). The band’s tale starts with the members meeting via a cinema course and finding another creative passion: music. Together by friendship and art, they present a fresh perspective on the 90s music scene, infused with each of their inspirations in “Roteiro Sem Final” (Endless Sccript), their debut EP.

This was a little introduction to the Brazilian band and here is a little quote about the song Quem É Você?:

“This song was written in the middle of 2008 while I (Leonardo) was in another band. I attempted to rehearse it when I first wrote it, but the band broke up before I could finish it, so it sat in storage for years. I presented it to Carol (Trailerfuss’ lead singer), who liked it right away, and it was finally recorded last year. The plan was to combine an acoustic guitar riff and a distorted chorus. At the time, I was listening to a lot of Radiohead albums, and I believe this song was heavily influenced by them. The song’s title, “Quem É Você?” (Who Are You in English), is repeated in the chorus to emphasize the idea of a conversation between a person and themselves.”

I am thrilled that we are embarking on a journey to Rio De Janeiro to explore a local alternative emo grunge band that has captivated us with their latest EP. The band’s remarkable guitar riffs, enthralling vocals with a grunge undertone, and their incredible energy truly stand out. Their music reminds me of the Slovak band Eversame, which we have previously signed to our label. Despite my inability to understand the lyrics due to my lack of proficiency in Portuguese, the language seems to suit the song perfectly. I have been continuously listening to the song and I am astounded by the sheer excellence of this EP. Regrettably, the vibrant Brazilian indie scene remains relatively undiscovered in Europe. However, I am optimistic about our ability to change this in the upcoming months. In the meantime, I will listen to this gem and enjoy this superb discovery.

Written by Filip Zemcik