Single: Scoobert Doobert – All I Need

“Portending what just might possibly be the next vibe of the times, Scoobert Doobert nods to the cultural trend to pivot towards the “both and” of it all. Expressing the sentiment to be content and striving simultaneously, “All I Need” is characterized by his popular production palette and breezy ability to say it like it is. Connecting his expanding presence as an artist with the network of prominent figures in music joining his Love Music More podcast, the air is smooth for this ascendant dude.”

Scoobert Doobert is making some catchy indie-alt-pop and from time to I liked it more so I share it on our blog. This newest one somehow got me hooked so I thought it would be a good time to feature it.

“Born on the internet (and raised in San Diego, California), Scoobert Doobert is a multi-instrumentalist, producer-engineer, burrito-connoisseur, and abundant songwriter. Having a grasp of multiple languages, notably being a Japanese speaker (and lover of 和食),in additional to his native English, his vibe-of-the-times releases fit within the fresh pop realm while being full of surprise spices. 

Scoobert Doobert has self-produced hundreds of songs and collaborates/remixes artists from around the world from Sweden to Japan. Most notably, Doobert connected with MANA and KANA from the J-Pop band, CHAI, after being featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday official playlist. After remixing some of their work, he was brought on as a full producer, instrumentalist, and mixing engineer.”

A very talented musicians making great music. Also, I enjoyed this part of the lyrics:

I’m an American
Always wanting wanting wanting
Mr. American
Fast cars
Nice things
Diamond rings
Cutting-edge technology
Always forgetting to be happy

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