Single: Pterocat – Giant Waves

“Giant Waves is a song about apocalyptic nightmares and climate anxiety. It’s about missing your loved ones after immigrating to a different country and continent and being afraid of the oceans of distance, both physical and metaphorical ones, that keep you apart. It is also about how climate change and a pandemic could affect the chances of seeing your loved ones again.

The dark lyrics are balanced out by how upbeat and fun the song is, in its attempt to find hope and healing through dance and movement and though not taking oneself or one’s fears too seriously. “

A dreamy, lo-fi bedroom pop ballad from the Atlanta-based band Pterocat has a nice atmosphere, which had been so easy to devour. A simple melody that got me hooked. I loved the end of the lyrics in Portuguese, it gave it a flavor and I am enjoying the switch between languages. I wished more bands would do it as it makes the songs more unique. I closed my eyes while listening to this one and let myself flow to the rhythm of the guitar. I loved its lo-fi warmth. And it does not matter that it was released in 2021.

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