Single: My Ugly Clementine – I’m Boring

My Ugly Clementine is a four-piece, non-male rockband, telling stories about self confidence, self love, respect and equal rights. Early on being labelled ‘supergroup’ for their setup of well-known figures from the vibrant Vienna music scene, they are combining all this with being damn serious about one thing: having fun! Nevermind finally someone is brushing off all the dust from those old rock guitars and is fitting them right into the world of today.

The brainchild of Sophie Lindinger (Leyya), the songwriter and producer gathered people around her that she always wanted to work with: The group now features Mira Lu Kovacs (of 5k HD), Kathrin Kolleritsch (aka KEROSIN95) and Nastasja Ronck (Lucid Kid).

I am very rarely sharing music from Austria, especially Vienna. I used to go to shows in Vienna often when I was younger. I know a little bit of music scene there as well, but I lost track of it. I am glad to discover this new non-male band. It just feels perfect to the new wave of indie-rockers. I hope I will see them play live at some point, I could totally imagine inviting them to play at Z Tapes Festival in Bratislava, but who knows when that will be a possibility.

This new track has not only a great cover but a really nice kick. What a great track. I am listening to it on repeat and I am excited to see more music from them in the future.

I recommend you check out their full discography.

You can find more music on Spotify.