Single: Makeout City – Everytime

“Everytime” is an introspective track about trying to understand your own thoughts and emotions when navigating life’s uncertainties. “We often find a sense of comfort in nostalgia and express that in a lot of our writing. The line ‘drive me back to where I want to be’ touches on wanting to escape the anxieties of adult life and return to a simpler and more carefree time.” This vibrant springtime track showcases dreamy vocals and guitar leads, complemented by warm, spacey synth accents sprinkled throughout.”

On our blog, I previously shared about an artist called Makeout City and I must say, I am thoroughly also enjoying this new upbeat dreamy indie pop track. It has the potential to hook you right away. This energizing fresh indie track not only takes you on a dreamy journey but also compels you to get up and dance. The artist behind this track has done an excellent job and I am eagerly looking forward to discovering what else this talented artist has in store for us.

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