Single: Magana – Paul

“I recorded this during lockdown in the pandemic. The world started to look strange to me, as if I was an alien plopped down in the middle of Los Angeles but with all these human feelings. I wanted this album to reflect that not only in the lyrics but in the soundscapes as well. I wanted it to sound like earth and space at the same time, so I arranged acoustic guitars, strings, and winds to weave in and out of synth lines and electric guitar solos.” – Jeni Magaña

This quote is from a submission sent by my favorite person Jamie from Audie Antihero, a label that is releasing the newest album from Magana called “Teeth”.

“Spun from Magaña’s meditations and synth experiments, ‘Teeth,’ which she describes as “Witchy Rock,” is unlike any of her past works. An album about “regrowth and a new view on the world,” its sound touches on Acid Folk, Alternative Pop, and even Krautrock as she tackles the bleakest and most brutally honest subjects of her songwriting career.”

I cannot wait to hear the full album from which you can already enjoy 4 songs on Bandcamp and I recommend checking them out.

This music is a vibrant mix of various genres but with a clear dominance of alternative pop with nice krautrock elements. The folky or dreamy vibes create a unique sound that sets it apart from most of the music I’ve been receiving lately. Unlike the majority of alternative pop music out there, this one doesn’t become mundane after the first listen. I’m eagerly anticipating the release of the full album in March to experience the complete range of this artist’s music. It’s worth mentioning that Audio Antihero has been introducing some exceptional music lately, and I’m pleased to share it with you.

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