Single: Luke Hogfoss – J. Salami

The first song off of Luke Hogfoss’ forthcoming record, “Florida”. The song is inspired by a fictional character named Johnny Salami.

This is all info I have for this artist or this song. The song somehow captured my attention and I am still trying to determine what it is. Maybe it is the voice, maybe it is the gentle guitar in the background, or just a catchy simple melody. Either way, it somehow evokes a summer feel for me, and on these hot days I am enjoying just chilling and having in my ear that is soothing, a little bit upbeat, and catchy. I am always wondering what people would want to read about the song. My experience, the overall feel, the story behind the track, the story about the artists, some poetic description. I would love to know. You can tell me on social media.

You can find more music from the artist on Spotify.