Single: Lowne – Greyout

‘It’s never what we picture.’

Lowne is made up of co-producers Abby Cole and Matheus Nascimento. Their music marries elements of neo soul, bedroom pop and dream pop. These aspects are reshaped and polished with the result being sultry, smooth and danceable. Their latest single ‘Greyout’ was released by prolific French label Nice Guys Records. It is a trip via washed-out guitars and warm synths that reflects on the loneliness of long-distance relationships and longs for touch.

About the band – ‘Lowne quickly became an outlet to explore elements that hadn’t fit into their electronic solo projects. Their eclectic sound, equally inventive and passé, draws on a range of influences, including the dreamy guitars of psychedelia, the catchy melodies of synth pop, and the sensual groove of ’70s soul. Lyrically, their songs often toe the line between abstract imagery and unsettlingly direct statements.’

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