Single: Laybrum – Chop a Tree

This is probably the only Christmas song I will share this year. Somehow I did not spend any time searching for some new holiday music and I got just a few submissions that did not catch me as much. This one got me interested though.

“Laybrum is the songwriting and production project of Philadelphia-based artist Andrew Santora. Inspired equally by warm and fuzzy country recordings, elaborate singer-songwriter arrangements of the 1970s and the harsh manipulation of present-day hyperpop, Laybrum’s music has been described as an entrance into “haunted sound worlds” with “dissonant bliss and concrète surprises” (Liminal Editions).”

I like original Christmas songs because it makes the holiday music even more interesting. I like listening to fresh melodies and definitely indie vibes in Christmas songs. This one is so cozy that I want to run home, make some tea and just lay on the couch. Of course, this song would be played in the background. What a nice discovery.

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