Single: Julia Mckay – How Much of You

‘Isn’t it funny, how much of you is me’

Julia Mckay is an LA-based singer songwriter that makes angsty, emo-influenced pop that sounds like it’d be most at home blaring from a car stereo on a dramatic drive home late at night. ‘How Much of You’ is an anti love song that finds the narrator mourning the loss of aspects of self and identity sacrificed in a relationship. The chorus line ‘isn’t it funny how I made myself bleed’ repeats, acting as a mantra and reminder that resonates as the song draws to a close.

About the artist – ‘A product of a musical family and the tight-knit music community of Anchorage, Julia grew up listening to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Aretha Franklin, as her parents were both musicians. She channeled that early exposure to such powerful vocalists into her own singing voice at a very young age, apparently singing her first notes the day she was born and performing at the age of four.’

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