Single: Jorba – Rocket

‘Rocket’ a track taken from the debut album ‘Reply’ by Jorba emanates a familiar yet free from the simulated signifiers of lofi bedroom pop. The overall listening experience can be extra nice if listened to outside on a sunny day, strolls or maybe even bike rides heading to a greenfield for a picnic. However, the rest of the album gives off a different pleasant vibe compared to this one. Check it out! It’s a constant enjoyable listen.

You can read more about the song coming from Jorba’s perspective here:

A song idea based off of a meme that I saw, s/o to @kookyfonts on instagram, that then created this story inside my head about being young in adolescence years. The melody came instantly, I figured out some chords and then wrote thematically out of the text from the meme itself. The first verse is the once popular “Some people have a girlfriend…“-format and the rest is just train if thought after seeing the meme. It’s not a joke song! Maybe some morbid humour but not a joke, no.

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