Single: Human Barbie – wait

“Hey Start Track! We’re back with another moon-drenched indie fantasy • It’s like a ghostly dream, floating somewhere between darkness and dawn… Any interest in something like this? Cheers!”

This is a pitch I want to read. Big plus is that it was written by Human Barbie, whose single I have enjoyed very much in recent weeks. This one has a little bit less catchy bass guitar, but I am still loving it.

‘Wait’ is a swirling vintage-flavored fairy-tale. Moon-drenched piano, shimmering guitars, and ghostly vocals dance together in this tight, 60s-tinged dream pop gem.

I have to borrow their words because they catch the atmosphere just perfectly. I cannot wait for the full album when it will be out, but we have to wait for a little bit longer.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.