SINGLE: Guided Tour of Ground Zero – Playing Dead!

It is always exciting covering the debut release of a new band. The Kansas City based “DIY indie-rock/alt/punk/whatever band”, Playing Dead! released the sweetly apocalyptic, ‘Guided Tour of Ground Zero’ back on June 15. It is a scratchy and buzzy alt-punk track, with morbidly affected vocals from Valor, that pay homage to the charm of monotony, reminiscent of freak-folk pioneers, The Moldy Peaches.  

The band are promising an expansion of their alternative blend of disparate genres, with debut album, Jaws appearing later in the year. If ‘Guided Tour of Ground Zero’ is anything to go by, the record will be jam-packed with distorted guitars, winkingly stoic vocals, and thought provoking lyrics. It looks to be a promising year for the Kansas City natives. 

Written by Callum Foulds