Single: Gaspard Eden – Nothing

Gaspard Eden is a singer/song-writer hailing from Quebec City. As a seasoned French-Canadian musician, Gaspard Eden has carved out his own path by taking the 60’s and 70’s aesthetic and filtering it through a 90’s and early 2000’s lens. Utilizing songwriting for cathartic release, Gaspard Eden creates lush soundscapes to evoke a wide range of emotions.

“Nothing” is Gaspard Eden’s first single from the idiosyncratic Soft Power LP. There are many ways to achieve boredom, and Eden peers candidly at what we’re really doing when we’re doing nothing. With its ethereal guitar hooks, divebomb fuzz lines and uninhibited melodies, “Nothing” is an anomalous soundtrack for life’s mundane situations.

indie rock/folk/pop from Quebec City

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