Single: Frog – New Ro

Frog is working on a new album and I have been sharing tracks from this album (Black on Black on Black or Maybelline). This is another great one and it is pumping me towards the full album release which should be in less than a week. We are going to bring one more track exclusively, but psst, it is a secret. 🙂

This song is a funky country, fast-paced with great vocals as always. I am just loving the energy coming from this one and I love all the tracks that are already available, but Maybelline is my favorite one for sure. Just listen:

I cannot wait for the new album release and it is already getting to my list of amazing albums that were released this year and I had a chance to share on this blog.

All these new songs from Frog reveal the masterful craftsmanship of Dan Bateman and I bet it will be widely appreciated.

A bummer is that this album is not pressed onto cassettes, I would love to own a copy of this album on physical media.

You can count days until this amazing album will be shown to the world and in the meantime you can enjoy all the tracks that are already out.

You can follow the band: