Single: Flying Raccoon Suit – Swan Song

Flying Raccoon Suit announced a new album on Friday called “Moonflower”, and with it dropped the first single of the album, Swan Song. The upcoming album will be their first release with the Bad Time Records label. 

Flying Raccoon Suit’s previous album is one of my favorite albums of the last decade, so this album has some big shoes to fill, and I’m listening for every clue of what’s to come, and with this single, I am definitely not disappointed.

Swan Song is a pretty ironic title for the song, as the lyric in the song states “no perfect swan song” and the song is about slowly drifting apart, and falling out of love. Not a big fight, not a happily ever after, just two people slowly growing apart and falling out of love, and being ready to move on. Of course, I could always be wrong, but that’s how I interpret the song and how it makes me feel.

Musically, this is like the next evolution from Afterglow. Flying Raccoon Suit is full of some of the best song writers I’ve heard, their production and mastering is top notch. It transitions so smoothly from one section to the next, we get a great ska guitar melody under the verses early in the song, beautiful vocal layering and backing vocals, horns that don’t come in until the first bridge between paragraphs, but then add texture and highlights over the next verse. We get a later guitar bridge that feels perfect that ties the song perfectly before all of the different elements are brought together for the final verse of the song and the final repeated line of the song “I’m letting go”. The song writing in this song, and the delivery is incredible and tells me that everything that Flying Raccoon Suit mastered on the last album has somehow been improved upon for what lies ahead, and I can’t wait to explore it all. 

The album can be pre-ordered here.

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Written by Gimpleg