Single: Hāziale – Faded One

With this only being the third ever single released by the French artist, Hāziale has clearly spent years studying and perfecting his craft, returning to the scene with the lovely ‘Faded One’. The single marks Hāziale’s first release since 2022’s ‘Billy’, a similarly introspective indie-pop song. The track’s nostalgic drum machine and synth sounds are perfectly accompanied by the singer’s closely brooding vocal performance, both facets reminiscent of early DIIV and fellow indie-pop minimalists, Metronomy. 

On their instagram profile, Hāziale encourages followers to “Make some songs with Lo-fi gear from a bedroom”. It is obvious that ‘Faded One’ is a celebration of this; doing things on  your own, using the equipment that is available to you, no matter how minimal this may be. The French artist promises another single in July, hopefully hinting at a sustained return. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for this, as I can only imagine it to be another piece of indie-pop perfection. 

Written by Callum Foulds