Single: Disaster Kid – Lapdog

“The lyrics of Lapdog are quilted together with careful turns of phrase and clever stitches of imagery to form a time lapse of moments; reflecting on how it feels to be in someone else’s palm. The song is raw, bouncy and driven. With sweeping drum fills and climbing bass lines, Lapdog pulls the listener up and leaves them hanging midair.”

lapdog – “someone who is willing to do anything that a more important person tells them to do” (source)

I am unsure if that is the right definition, but I was looking for some explanations as I am still not as fluent in English as I would like. Especially when writing these posts, I am struggling to find the right expression to describe the feelings I have. The sad life of a non-native speaker.

Whenever I see a dog as cover art, I am interested in the song much more. I am sorry but thanks to my lovely wife I am very dog-biased. Fortunately in this case the music was no disappointment and I am enjoying very much this guitar-driven song accompanied by captivating vocals. These indie rockers from Chicago are making great songs and I am looking forward to future releases. I will be listening to this one on repeat as it got me hooked.

You can find more music and support the band on Bandcamp.