Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Indigo Waves, Nick Slade, No Lonesome, Xelli Island, Kevin Croner

Indigo Waves – Ghost 2

“This song is loosely based on the 1990 film “Ghost”. We tried to write the lyrics in a way that would be a sequel to the film and after deciding to write it about that the song came together quickly. We recorded this ourselves in our apartment and it is fairly guitar driven.” I have already shared some songs from Indigo Waves (like this) and I am happy to share this dreamy, laid-back indie rock. These indie rockers from Utah are making great chill indie waves and you can just relax while listening to them. It is a perfect choice for your Easter chill mood. You can find more music on Spotify.

Nick Slade – Juniper Song Pt. 2

Another track from Nick Slade share on this blog, the previous one was a little bit more dancy. This one is more melancholic, more acoustic, and more lo-fi in a general sense. It is a really nice contrast to the other one, but they are both equally enjoyable. Another chill track that I can imagine listening to while sipping from a glass of whiskey after being so exhausted from work. The Easter break is here and we have some good soundtrack for it. You can find more music on Spotify.

No Lonesome – To Begin – Demo

“This raw demo features a live performance in one take. Recorded to tape, the song has a sense of authenticity and nostalgia.” No Lonesome is an indie lo-fi folk project from Chicago, IL and this is really nice demo. I do not share demos too often, because I feel like no one is releasing demos anymore, not especially to streaming services and beyond. This is really nice acoustic folk track and I am very much enjoying its authenticity and rawness. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Xelli Island – The End Of Us

“The next chapter in the story of Xelli Island begins with “The End Of Us”, a song that revels in both the humbling pain of heartbreak, and the soaring freedom that comes from letting go of the pressure-ridden world within a relationship. The song was originally written back in the immediate aftermath of a pandemic break-up at the end of 2020, but during a 2-year collaboration with producer Jon Zott, transformed its message from a hopeless song about heartbreak into a reminder that time is the ultimate healer.” Sharing the full story of the song from this dream/alt-pop project of vocalist and songwriter Lianna Vanicelli based in Detroit with roots in the Phillippines. A really nice and catchy indie track that is fitting so well in our INDIE WINDY playlist. You can find more music on Spotify.

Kevin Croner – Asleep in the Garden

“It’s a nostalgic indie folk song, reminiscing about simple friendships and growing up together. A love song, in its own way.” If I did not know, I would not guess this is a music project from a small town in Sweden. I am so happy to share another Swedish indie artist that is worth checking out. This folky indie pop is really beautiful and it soothes my soul a little bit. Not only it fits our playlist INDIE WINDY, but also fits my healing Easter soundtrack I will be listening to get proper rest after hectic weeks at work and in my personal life. You can find more music on Spotify.

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