Album: Lunavela – Imposter Syndrome

“Lunavela – aka New Zealand singer, songwriter, and former Collapsing Cities frontman Steve Mathieson”

I have shared some Lunavela’s singles (Six-out-of-ten Friend and Next of kin) a while ago and somehow I forgot to share the full album when it was out. Fortunately, I got reminded about it, and here is the new album Imposter Syndrome released in 2022. Acoustic guitar accompanied by prominent vocals are making a nice combination for indie rock. The songs are pretty upbeat, and energetic and every single one has a little bit different atmosphere. The album is full of a colorful sound palette and if you liked the singles mentioned above, it is definitely worth your time to check the rest of the album. There are more songs you can enjoy and get hooked on. A nice flashback to 2022 so we will not miss good albums that should not be kept hidden from our radar.

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