Single: daniel glenn padgett – pearl in water

Daniel Glenn Padgett is an American-born songwriter based in London.

“Pearl in Water” is a celebratory, yet introspective, anthem about moving on from a past relationship. The song questions the idea of home and is full of glimpses into prior, intimate moments, but remains perseverant―seeking a future peace in independence. Daniel’s vocal performance is raw and he sought to give this song a certain “live” quality that would parallel the vulnerability in his lyrics: “Your arm was my armor / your eye was my pearl in water.

Maybe it seems lazy just to copy and paste info from press notes, but I rather copy than rewrite and look smart. I was never able to write nice sentences in English, especially about music, but I am trying to be better. Just my main goal is not to capture the right atmosphere or feeling from the song, just rather show you “hey, this song (artist) is cool, you should check it out”. I am pretty excited to listen to the full album that is already out.

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