Single: Chew Bear – Meteorites

“Written by lead singer, Michelle Paterson, this song tells the story of a young couple in love. Unscathed by the turbulent realities of the human existence, they venture off to the Southern Ontario countryside to observe the vastness of outer space. While looking up at the star painted sky, the narrator can’t help but reflect inward on her thoughts and feelings. She can’t remember a more pure and magical moment than the one she is experiencing, and whispers a soft prayer to the universe that it never ends.

We’re hoping a Netflix show picks it up and uses it in a cheesy montage so that we may finally be able to afford horrendous our Toronto rent.”

I have to once again share a complete press note because it nicely captivates the song’s atmosphere and the end is also quite funny. The song has got me hooked from the start and not speaking about nice artwork and cute band name. Also, the band logo is pretty cute as well (check it out on Spotify). I can definitely imagine myself sitting in the Canadian countryside, sipping a good beverage (pick your favorite) and enjoying the warm Spring breeze. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the trees are blooming and your life is good because you can always listen to great music. What a nice indie song this is and I am enjoying listening to it.

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