Single: brax – the last time

“brax” is an independent rock producer and artist from Brisbane, Australia. His latest studio effort “indigo hearts” is a four-track pop-punk EP (produced by himself and Simon Lane and features a collaboration with Jaiby<3) that takes influence from artists such as Stand Atlantic, James Marriott, and Panic! At The Disco. He plans to release his next project in early 2023 featuring the songs “SANCTUARY”, “JOKING HAZARD”, and “DO I ANNOY YA?”.”

The project from the bio above is already released and is called DELIRIUM. The album has definitely some Panic! At The Disco vibes, but this new single is more acoustic emo-ish lo-fi rock, which has a completely different atmosphere, but I am really enjoying its raw and direct approach. It is from an upcoming EP which should be out in September and I am intrigued by how it will sound. I am liking the subtle energy flowing from this single and I hope the EP will have the same.

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