Single: boxset – jar

When Devil Town Tapes are releasing a new cassette I know I would love to own it. That’s why I have not hesitated and pre-ordered cassette with “batch_six” by boxset. Jsut the pure fact that it is released on DTT means a quality release I am excited to own. If you need more convincing, read this:

‘jar’ sees Dunphey daydreaming his way through a surrealistic tale of ants coming out of the colony in search of food (and ultimately coming unstuck by a higher power). Lucid and carefree, the track exists in a haze of crunchy guitars and blown-out vocals, taking cues from the primitive lo-fi indie rock sounds of the late 80s and early 90s.

The track is taken from his latest EP ‘batch_six’, which finds Dunphey moving away from the heavily structured songwriting of previous efforts in favour of a more playful approach. Pieced together from an initial set of 12 loops, ‘batch_six’ is the sound of boxset letting loose. No deep thinking, no trying to make it sound a certain way, just seeing what happens. Full of richly layered guitars and adventurous instrumental detours, tracks recall the likes of Pavement and Yuck at their most expansive, whilst all clocking in under 3 minutes.

You can find more music from Devil Town Tapes on Bandcamp.