Single: beach novels – Home Movie

“Final single before before our album, “Flowers From Your Garden,” comes out. This is our favorite song we’ve made so far – trying to really encapsulate a nostalgic dream-type feel.”

I am completely enamored with beach novels music – it’s as though I can never get enough of it. One of the most remarkable aspects is that even my wife, who is notoriously picky about music, is equally fond of their music. The dreamy, catchy guitar riffs, combined with the refreshing sounds of the ocean breeze, transport me to another world. I’m so captivated by their music that I can’t help but daydream about working with them someday – if only the universe would smile upon me. Words simply cannot describe the overwhelming emotions that their music evokes within me. I’m lost in the music, swept away by the waves of surfy, dreamy indie rock. This latest single is nothing short of remarkable – it’s absolutely superb.

I wish I could describe what their music is doing to me, but I am lost in the music dream and just swayed away by the waves of the surfy dreamy indie rock. This new single is just superb.

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