Single: Basins – PFC

Sometimes I get to music I have zero information about, especially about artists. I do not dislike to be honest, quite the opposite. No distractions to enjoy music or create some opinions. However I like when there few sentences to describe the song. Like these:

Written in the height of Covid depression, when all of our favorite bars and venues were closing, and everybody was just trying to figure out how to stay sane. PFC touches on the often-hard practice of learning to accept and appreciate what’s in front of you, despite knowing that times were once better, and will be better – when you get to go to your favorite sports bar and make plans plans for the future with people you love.”

It gives the music a little bit more context. Either way I am really enjoying the gentle atmosphere of the track and soothing guitars. Also the sax parts in the backgrounds is such awesome. A sweet little track that can be enjoyed by anyone. Go and try.

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