EP: Adiós Cometa & Isla Invisible – Split EP

I have been introduced to music scene from Costa Rica thanks to Ário, the head of Z Tapes branch in Latin America. I have been enjoying it so much. There are so many great bands, but Adiós Cometa is definitely one of best. Such powerful shoegaze, post-punk. I am glad I am discovering a new band Isla Invisible from New York because of them. The world is so small, but yet so undiscovered. I never was a huge shoegaze fan, but even thanks to this EP I am more and more inclined to become more into it. Definitely type of music you need a good headphones to properly enjoy. I am loving every single track from this EP and if you like shoegaze, you will love it too. So find that few minutes, put headphones on and just enjoy.

You can find more music from Adiós Cometa here or Isla Invisible here.