Single: Badger in the Rye – Afterparty

Badger in the Rye is a dreamy shoegaze project from Indonesia and this is their debut single. Here are a few words about the track:

“I imagine Afterparty as a collage of hazy fragments of a distant memory that may or may not have even taken place. In some ways, each instrument is in some ways an alternative and incomplete take on the overall narrative. It’s a little like that movie Memento where the amnesiac narrator tries to place together what’s going on through polaroids he took before. The end result is still a confused muddle, but an acceptable enough story I tell myself to make sense of conflicting feelings, thoughts, and perspectives.”

You know I have been really into dreamy shoegaze and I am glad I can share finally something outside the US. The indie scene in Indonesia is pretty vital and I am really happy to discover new artists from this country that is mentally a little bit far away from me. I have tried to find more music projects from there in the past, but the search was a little bit harder than I expected, but I am glad this submission found a way to reach me. It is really great and I am looking forward to hearing more music from this artist.

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