Single: Asha Wells – Blue Angels

“Asha Well is a San Francisco Bay Area based non-binary singer, songwriter, and visual artist. “Water Words” is their debut album, featuring atmospheric textures and haunting melodies set to thought provoking imagery. Working with co-producer Jason Kick (Mild High Club, Sonny and the Sunsets) at his Tunnel Vision studio in Oakland, CA the pair recorded 1-2 songs a week at the height of the pandemic. Kick brought his knack for arrangement, synthesis, and drum programming, helping to create a supportive environment for Wells’ atmospheric guitars and haunting melodies. The resulting album pairs textured sounds with tender harmonies, calling to mind the work of contemporary art forward singer-songwriters like Aldous Harding, Hand Habits, and Cate Le Bon as much as torchbearers like Patti Smith, Cat Power, and Jeff Buckley.”

Included below is a message that accompanies a track featured on the well-known album “Royal Oakie – Greatest Hits of 2023”. Each track on the album comes with its brief biography, which I found to be fascinating, although I won’t be sharing all of them here. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that this album, which highlights the work of Royal Oakie, is replete with outstanding music that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. If you’re looking to expand your musical horizons, I’d highly recommend giving this album a try and discovering the exceptional music it has to offer.

I’ve been impressed with the new albums that Royal Oakie has been releasing in 2023 – they’ve quickly become some of my favorites. I’m excited to see what else this amazing label has in store. I highly recommend checking out everything they release – I’m sure you’ll become a fan just like me. Discovering this label has definitely been one of my top music moments in 2023, and I look forward to sharing more of their amazing music with you.

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