Single: Allison Lorenzen – MTO

Colorado-based Allison Lorenzen’s latest track “MTO (More Than Once)” is out today. Weaving some of the most muscular guitar work we’ve heard in Allison’s work through around her buzzing synths and rafter-reaching vocals, “MTO” sounds like the final climax of a Mark Fischer-influenced hauntological prom scene. Leaning into the well-deserved Julee Cruise and Kate Bush comparisons, the resonant core of “MTO” is a meditation on the cyclical way relationship patterns retreat and return several times before we recognize them – and make choices to disrupt them.

The grace for self required for this healing work is one that Lorenzen is well acquainted with. After a nomadic stint following the breakup of her band School Dance, Allison now operates a hot springs in Southern Colorado where sojourners come rest and recuperate. “MTO” was written and recorded in the shipping container that doubles as Allison’s living quarters and recording studio. Following on the heels of 2022’s “The Fourth Cycle”, and her beloved cover of “Glycerine” with Midwife, “MTO” is presages a follow up to 2021’s critically acclaimed solo debut record Tender released on Whited Sepulchre Records.

This is a message I received together with this dreamy shoegaze track. It feels like a black-and-white dream that you want to member, but it is getting blurry and you are just hearing the song. The guitars are creating such a nice atmosphere in the song and I am really enjoying the dreamy shoegaze combination. Also, Allison’s vocals are pretty powerful and I am loving the overall feel I am getting from the song. I can close my eyes and let myself float on the melody and get lost in this dreamy fairyland.

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