Single: airhockey – always late & close

I went to Spotify to learn more about the band:

“Airhockey is a shoegaze/indie rock band from the suburban outskirts of Miami, FL, formed in 2018, and comprised of members Melanie Sarria, Sebastian Hidalgo, John Olin and Mike Diaz. Their driving rhythms and dreamy vocals compliment each other as melancholic themes engulf the listener. Meanwhile, piercing leads, melodic bass lines and chugging drum beats perfectly come together to bring you something new, yet reminiscent of 80s sub-genres.”

Once again it pretty much sums up the sound and the atmosphere of the songs. I am also sharing their single from January that I have missed:

These new singles (always late & close) are a little bit more jangly, surfy and I am loving them. So much energy coming from them and I have been already listening to them on repeat and quite enjoying it. It reminds me a little bit of Beach Fossils and DIIV, which I have been enjoying for so many years. I still think that Beach Fossils is my favorite band of all time. I have so many great memories connected to their songs. I am so happy that Airhockey is bringing me the same joy and I am looking forward to hearing more of their songs in the future.

You can find more music on Bandcamp and Spotify.