Single: 18PM – Control

18pm formed out of a long-time friendship between Zach Sulak and Ryan England. Formed on a beer-fueled late night, the duo created the repetitive, catchy track On the Floor. The morning after, a music video was shot for it. From there, the duo went on to make seven more tracks and release the EP “18PM!”

In a world with flashy and complex music production, 18pm sticks out as the antithesis to this. The music aims to sound no more than what it is: two guys with a laptop and some guitars, writing songs in hopes that the audience can sing along in their cars on their way to work. There isn’t any front put up for the band. Rather, honesty with the audience is the most aspect of the music and it should reflect that.

We’re nothing different from a listener or fan of our music, we’re just people.

Our new single Control is a simple and catchy summer tune. In light of the pandemic, we hope that we can spread some positivity.

And it does spread good vibes. Let’s jam to this together.

You can find more music on Spotify.