Introducing: The Blankettes – Witch on My Chest & 3 Qs

“Little Lunch Records is excited to share The Blankettes debut EP, ‘Witch On My Chest’, out Friday November 3.

Their first two singles were picked up widely by community radio – ‘Wide Brown Land’ was playlisted on fbi in Sydney, reached #3 most played released on 4ZZZ in Brisbane and #2 on the Amrap Regional Charts.

The titular witch is a story Grace heard about night hags, a folk tale to explain waking up with tightness in your chest. The song the EP is named for is about realising that for the first time in a while you’ve been waking up without the witch, you’re as stress and worry free as you’ve been in years. It’s a cause for celebration, a huge moment of relief. She started to put this song together, and once Grace had the lyrics and guitar down, she sung this to herself for weeks on end. It was like a happy little reminder that things get better. And you should celebrate when they do.

All the songs on this EP have lived in Grace’s head for the last 7 years, and with the help of Gemma Wyer on bass and Marnie Vaughn on drums they’ve come to life. We hope they find a home in your head too.

All tracks were recorded by Chris Brownbill at Underground Audio and mixed by Carl Saff. ‘Witch On My Chest’ EP Artwork by Olivia Grbac. Tour poster artwork by Matt Deasy of No.7 Printhouse.

This was a message that came together with the Witch On my Chest single. I enjoyed reading it and I later found this:

“The Blankettes (pronounced like The Ronettes) are a garage rock 3-piece from Brisbane who worship at the altar of 60s girl groups and anything in a cowgirl hat — especially if it jangles. The band is made up of Grace Pashley on guitar (Full Power Happy Hour, Lackadaisies), Gemma Wyer on bass (Piss Shivers, CNT EVN), and Marnie Vaughn on drums (Married Man, Smallest Horse, No Doz).”

It got me interested even more because I used to be a huge fan of Ronettes and this power-jangle-60s-pop has brought me really nice memories. Also, I love sharing female bands and I strongly support women in music I wish more younger women bands would be happening in the local area, but I am glad to discover something great from Australia. I have been looking into releases from this Australian label Little Lunch Records and starting to enjoy their roster. This newest EP from a power trio from Brisbane is something that we all should check out. It has been one of the hidden gems that this blog is bringing us.

Go follow The Blankettes and go and support Little Lunch Records.

I reached out to the band and asked them our 3 Qs. Grace from the band answered:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

I started making music because my older cousin was doing it, we went to guitar lessons together. I learned how to play Smoke on the Water quicker than she did, and the guitar teacher was impressed and told me I’d be a rockstar one day. I didn’t really care about the rockstar comment I was just excited that I was finally better at something than my cousin. And then a bunch of my other friends learned guitar and we’d learn emo riffs together. Sadly no high school band though. What keeps me playing music is that it is a really fun way to make and keep friends, and writing songs is a fun thing to do.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

Contending with the fact that you are at the whims of giant streaming algorithms controlled by major labels and you’ll never make any money from it lol the usual existential stuff!

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

My dream is to support Blondie on a reunion tour, and then Debbie Harry is like “Oh no, our backing singers have lost their voices I need someone who knows all the lyrics and harmonies to every song to sing BVs for me” and then I’m like “I’m your guy Debbie!!” and then I get to sing BVs for Blondie

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