Introducing: No Berlin – Fade To Gray & 3 Qs

No Berlin began as the solo project of Berlin based artist, Mark Eric Lewis, better known as the guitarist for Laura Lee & The Jettes, and Laura Carbone. The project started as a means to keep himself busy during the long lockdowns of 2021.

Many of the songs on the band’s debut EP, “Ten Eggs, No Less,” released in 2021 on Lewis’ own Quasi-Pop record label, started as demos written while Lewis lived in Brooklyn, New York in the early 2000s. The moniker “No Berlin” pays homage to the avant-garde spirit of the 1980s, drawing inspiration from the iconic compilation “No New York.” A groundbreaking compilation that showcased the experimental sounds emerging from the New York scene at that time. The band’s name reflects a deliberate choice to distance itself from Berlin’s pop-culture reputation as the european techno capital, symbolizing a rejection of preconceived notions and an embrace of the unexpected. In this way, No Berlin reflects both a nod to the city that has shaped their artistic identity, but also serves as a declaration of independence, a musical manifesto that echoes the bold and innovative spirit of their influences from decades past.

The band’s debut EP, “Ten Eggs, No Less,” quickly gained attention for its raw emotion and the seamless blend of 90s era alternative rock and power pop elements. Tracks like “Everybody Else” and “It’s Not Stealing If You Don’t Get Caught” captured the essence of Berlin’s nightlife and the complex emotions that come with city living. No Berlin emerged from the indie music scene of Berlin in 2022, a quartet of passionate musicians brought together by their shared love for creating music together in various other Berlin based musical projects.

Mark Eric Lewis, with his hauntingly soulful vocals and evocative guitar work, stands at the forefront of the group. His introspective songwriting draws inspiration from both New York and Berlin’s diverse culture, tumultuous history, ever-evolving urban landscapes, as well as personal reflection on past relationships. Complimenting him is the multi-talented and prolific Brodie White (Laura Lee & The Jettes, Sun And The Wolf, Laura Carbone) on guitar and vocals, the rhythmic prowess of Mario Quezada-Boye (Strand Child, Mose Mose, Laura Lee & The Jettes) on bass, providing a solid foundation for the band’s sound, and the dynamic energy of Jeff Collier (Laura Carbone) on drums, driving the songs forward with precision and intensity.

No Berlin’s latest single, “Fade to Gray” (2023), marks a sonic evolution for the band. The single delves deeper into introspection, exploring themes of personal growth, dysfunctional relationships, and the passage of time.

As they continue to navigate the indie music landscape, No Berlin remains committed to crafting music that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Their live performances, characterized by a genuine connection with the audience, have solidified their place in the indie scene. With each release, No Berlin invites fans to join them on a sonic journey through the heart of Berlin, where the echoes of the past blend with the rhythms of the present, creating a sound uniquely their own.

The act of sharing complete press releases is something that I thoroughly enjoy. It provides me with the opportunity to disseminate information efficiently while also allowing my audience to read the content from the source. Additionally, this approach enables me to focus more on listening to and immersing myself in the atmosphere of the music, rather than worrying about writing lengthy descriptions.

Recently, I came across a single that I loved. The slowcore style indie rock, with its great guitars and slightly slacker vibe, had an almost magical effect on me. I found myself hitting the play button again and again, unable to get enough of the track. I was so thoroughly engrossed in the listening experience that I momentarily forgot that I needed to write about it too.

All in all, I am eagerly anticipating what this band has in store for us next. Their innovative and captivating sound has left a lasting impression, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future.

I reached out to them and asked our 3 Qs:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

I honestly can’t say what initially inspired me to make music, it’s just something that has just always been there for me, and just seems to stick around through the years. Some of my earliest memories are my sister and I making up songs while lying awake in bed at night despite our parents attempts to get us to sleep. We’d make up songs about animals or candy, and we would rate each others songs.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

For me the most challenging thing has always been to constantly make the difficult decision to continue releasing music publicly, not because of fears of not performing well, or not selling well, which I also have, but of willingly contributing to such a toxic industry and how to justify and / or balance this.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

Currently, I’m just happy to be able to continue making music with people that I care about, and performing for anyone who will listen.

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