ICYMI: Z Tapes Fall 2020


In case you missed it, Z Tapes Records released a stand strong 29-track compilation featuring the likes of Unicorns at Heart, Birdspotter, Iver Arturo Principe, Fake Dad and other great artists!

The label has steadily put out seasonal compilations since 2016, which is something I always look forward to yearly and it brings me joy to share to you Z Tapes’ newest one, Fall 2020. The songs are universal, it could go from lofi bedroom pop to shoegaze to electronic R&B in a matter of minutes which only proves that this comp is the ultimate way to discover new music. It’s nearly impossible to skip a song or pick a favorite seeing that every track on this is a mega bop of their own.

Winter 2020 is slowly on its way but before focusing on all that, make sure to give this one heck of a compilation a listen!

You can find more music here.