Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Pickle Darling, Foliage, Good Good Blood, Infinity Crush, tobasco boy, Glaze, Doggy Daycare, beach novels

Pickle Darling – King Of Joy

My favorite artist from New Zealand is back with a piece of new music. It is a great single, and they signed to the amazing record label Father/Daughter. What wonderful news. I will forever like Lukas’ music and I will cherish all the moments we worked together. It was a special time and their music will always have a special place in my heart. You can support the artist on Bandcamp.

Foliage – Can’t Go Anywhere (Club Mix)

This is just a rework of the 2022 single, but it is a banger. Foliage is another artist I have pleasure working together on Z Tapes and I am glad he is still doing great music. This dance track is a really cool addition to his discography. I could totally hear this in some cool dance club. I am looking forward new album which should be out very soon. You can support the artist on Bandcamp.

Good Good Blood – When Your Wings Get Light

Continuing to share familiar names. James aka Good Good Blood aka the mastermind behind Fox Food Records made a new song I am very happy to share with you. His lo-fi folk music has been always so great and this new single is no exception, moreover, I think it is the best work I have heard from him so far. What a beautiful melody and atmosphere. You will love it. You can find more great music on Bandcamp.

Infinity Crush – demolition derby

Another artist is very familiar to me. I met Caroline a while back, the main reason was their band Teen Suicide and other great music projects. Her solo project has been also outstanding. Beautiful heart-melting indie pop you can easily fall in love with. This new single is exactly that. I can listen to it over and over and just get lost in it. Her voice is so soothing and gets under my skin. Just chills… You can find more music on Spotify.

tobasco boy – sunbleach

This is a single I got recommended on Twitter on my regular calls to send me good music. A catchy melody and catchy guitars make a great lo-fi indie pop/rock track. A lot of energy and joy is coming to me when listening to this one. Summer is feeling close, but it is just an illusion. You can find more music on Spotify.

Glaze – Wave Runner

Another sharing from people’s recommendations. This time a band from Austin, Texas making dreamy indie pop/rock. It feels like riding on waves and brings a little bit more summer vibes. At least it feels like that for me and I am enjoying that feeling pretty much. You can find a nice lo-fi video on Bandcamp as well. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Doggy Daycare – this is about summer

A bedroom lo-fi pop as I truly see it. Not that desperate attempts to label commercial pop as bedroom pop. Gentle, lo-fi simple melody. Something I have been enjoying a lot in all the years I have been doing this blog. I somehow cannot get enough of this type of music. You can find follow the band on Spotify.

beach novels – Hold My Head

Another single from beach novels, this is a little bit more mainstream sounding but I am still enjoying it very much. Their music has something special in it, which makes me drawn to it. What great beachy, summery vibes. A really nice way to wrap us these recommendations. Definitely check out more music from beach novels on Bandcamp.

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