Album: Doggy Daycare – I Love My Friends

I Love My Friends is about my struggle with depression that caused me to lose a long term relationship.

I am also sharing a short info from an Instagram post:

“this project is so special to me. this album started as a solo project- just me (adam) getting drunk and recording break up songs. but after i realized i needed my friends to help record a track or two, we all started hanging out and working on them together. i’d show them what i had and they’d fill in the gaps. and pretty much everything you’ll hear on this album is recorded on a usb microphone and done in one take. we all had so much fun drinking tequila and recording sea shanties that we decided to make it a band. that band is doggy daycare and we are performing at the place tonight.”

I discovered first this is about summer song and then got to the full album when it was out. This is bedroom lo-fi pop at its best. No shortcuts, no pretending. The warmness of the songs is something I can always enjoy and even the guitars are getting me like in big brain activity. The songs are pretty easy to get into and I can imagine many people enjoying this album. Especially people from our little lo-fi bedroom community. Just give it a try and listen to it from the start to the end.

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