Slovakian experimental post punk outfit URGES are back with a surprise release, a five-track EP titled ‘POLARIS’.

URGES have been on my radar for a little while since writing about their last record and fortunately, POLARIS shares the uniquely unpredictable and jagged elements of their previous music but finds itself significantly boosted by more considered vocal melodies and occasional flurries of electro pop synths – specifically in the second track, ‘HOLLER’. 

My personal favourite moment of the release comes during track 3, the aptly titled ‘WHAT THE SUN WON’T SEE’, this song stands out due to the successful marriage of URGES’ myriad set of influences and stylistic tendencies. Throughout POLARIS, there’s an aching heart Brian Molko touch to the vocals, a rolling grunge chaos to the guitars and a sharp post punk sensibility to the rhythms.

We had a little chat about the release and the project in general –

What landscape or natural phenomena do you see POLARIS as being?

I guess in the title track it may seem almost as if I was using Polaris as a synonym for god or something of the sorts. I’d like to keep it open for interpretation, I feel like that way everyone who gives it a listen can create their own image and meaning behind it.

Tell us a little about the recording process of this release.

The EP was supposed to be a precursor to a larger piece I’ve been putting together since September. Every song  be it from the EP of from the upcoming album came out very organically, which I’m happy with. I had an image in mind for all of it, however I didn’t really limit it genre-wise. This was the first time I was trying to create a bigger conglomerate of songs, … and also trying to keep their direction straight. So I hope it worked out.

What’s next for URGES?

I’ve managed to put together a band for the project, so a lot of shows I’m hoping. That and the album coming out, though I don’t want to hurry it up too much… poor thing surely doesn’t deserve to come out prematurely.

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