Single: Philine Sonny – Stranger In Your Living Room

‘Feel like a stranger in your living room’

‘Stranger In Your Living Room’ is the latest single from German artist Philine Sonny’s upcoming EP ‘INVADER’. It is a delicate and considered alt-folk sketch – bare bones in songwriting approach, yet embellished with haunting backing vocals and ghostly distant percussion. It is laced with sensations of loss and eventually resolution, providing an intimate window into the end of an exhausted relationship.

About the artist – ‘Philine’s artistry is incredibly personal. A self-described “loner” and introvert, Philine grew up
spending much of her free time hunkered down in her bedroom, where she taught herself how
to write and produce. A DIY approach has always been instilled with Philine’s creative
endeavors. Beyond writing and producing her own material, she creates and edits a lot of her
media—from visualizers and vlogs to canvases and artworks while dabbling with stop motion for
upcoming content. Lyrically, she draws inspiration from close relationships while unpacking how
it feels to experience depression, imposter syndrome in friendships, and growing up in a
hometown that never felt like a home to her.’

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