EP: Sea Lemon – Stop at Nothing

“All her life, Natalie Lew had been a music fan, but she never envisioned herself gracing the stage as a musician. Growing up in Seattle, Lew was raised on local cultural touchstones like the Capitol Hill Block Party, KEXP, and the Museum of Pop Culture’s annual Sound Off (Battle of the Bands), which led her to believe she’d pursue a career working for a label, maybe as an A&R rep, anything to keep in close proximity with the thing she loved most. Though Lew grew up playing the piano, that was the extent of her musical prowess, at least until she moved to New York and started playing a roommate’s guitars, which led to playing rhythm guitar in a friend’s band. The experience opened up a new future for Lew who returned to the Pacific Northwest in the early days of the pandemic and, in isolation, wrote her very first songs which were released as an EP, Close Up, in 2022 under the moniker Sea Lemon in homage to the acid-yellow sea slugs who populate the waters of the Puget Sound. Now signed to Luminelle, Sea Lemon shares the single “Cellar,” which offers an even deeper glimpse at her extraordinary mind.”

I have written about the single Vaporized on my blog and I got pretty hooked on it, so I am really happy to share the full EP. Natalie is making some nice dreamy, catchy indie pop infused with some shoegaze riffs. It works so well and I love the songs. Especially the Breakdown, which is so cool. You can even watch the video:

Here is what the Natalie said about the EP

“‘Stop at Nothing’ is a collection of songs that are all about unhealthy obsessions, worries that won’t leave you alone no matter how much you try to forget them. The phrase Stop at Nothing initially might seem sort of positive, like “go for it!” But really in this situation it’s about having no guardrails on your innermost thoughts to stop you from fixating. All of the songs represent different types of obsessions—over one’s health, over someone they see online, over things left unsaid etc. Sonically I’m really excited to present something that dives into new realms with this EP and gets a little heavier and darker throughout.”

I recommend you listen to the whole EP from the beginning to the end and I can guarantee you you will love it. I am listening to it right now, and it is so fresh, yummy, catchy. I bet this will blow up soon and it will be played everywhere.

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