Singles: Sundozer – Charmed & 100 Lives

“Sundozer is the music of Austin, Texas-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Christian Luis French.”

I am so excited to share two more singles from Sundozer – my new favorite discovery in the realm of dream pop. I have written about the previous music on my blog and I quite loved it. Since then the recent singles have grown on me, so when I realized there a new singles, I was so excited to check them out. I love the dreamy aesthetics of the songs, lush melodies, and summery vibes. It has some nice 80s vibes and somehow it is so catchy. I will be revisiting all 4 songs and give it more spin. This is exactly the kind of music I would love to have on our new label (let me know what you think of this idea). In the meantime blast these songs and enjoy the dreamy waves coming at you.

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