Introducing: Scoobert Doobert – A Very Doobert Christmas, Vol. 1 & 3 Qs

In a recent post, I shared my thoughts on a song called Winter Wonderland and I must say, it left a lasting impression on me. As someone who adores Christmas music, this indie chill pop approach was refreshing and perfectly captured the festive spirit. The EP features three delightful songs, each with its unique style – one is jangly, the other jazz-inspired, and the third is filled with Christmas cheer. Additionally, the EP also includes three instrumental versions of the songs, perfect for creating a cozy and festive ambiance. There’s something about Christmas music that just brings everyone together. It has a unique flavor that’s both heartwarming and uplifting. I’ve always been a fan of creating Christmas compilations, and I’m excited to be working on a new one this year. But for now, I highly recommend giving this EP a listen to get into the festive mood. It’s the perfect way to get those Christmas vibes flowing.

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music? 

I started when my neighbor won a guitar in an auction. I fell in love with music when my parents and grandparents showed me music from the 1950s-70s. I got obsessed with The Ventures, The Who, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and spent most of my childhood alone trying to crack the code of those songs.
My parents would get frustrated because I would never play full songs. I wasn’t as interested in that. Instead, I was all about dissecting and recreating. I was a writer. I wanted to make my own stuff, but knew that I had to really get to know my favorite stuff to make anything of value. I still think that way, learning key snippets and broadstrokes rather than full songs. I think that’s why my cover songs are so weird haha. I’m trying to learn from them while rewriting or rework as much as I feel allowed to while not disrespecting the musical greats.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path? 

Tbh, I got really sick once. It was a weird disease because there was no pain. I just lost my nerve function, so I couldn’t play guitar or walk. After getting good at guitar, it was taken in a heartbeat. I woke up and my lack of control was revealed all at once.

Luckily, thanks to wonderful doctors and emperical medical science, I was healed. I may have another roadblock like that again, but this time, I’ve learned to make music without the guitar. It helped me go from being a musician to being a compower I guess. I don’t regred it, but it was hard. I mostly hated seeing how sad it made my family and friends.

I’m glad to say that’s behind me, and that’s part of the reason why I make so much music now.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

I recently got my dad a gift called Storyworth (this is not an ad lol). It’s basically a subscription where you send a loved one emails, they reply, and the replys make a book. I asked him this question, and his response was to have dinner with his parents again.

Originally, I wanted to respond something like, I want to know Attic Greek and have a symposium with Socrates, Plato, and their dudes. But it’s funny how young and foolish that makes me feel. Which I am. But relaly, I should just say, my dream would be having enough time to be with my family, friends, and make music, with non of the BS in the way. No more drama or work or power, just love and creating. That would be my real dream. Socrates is invited tho.

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