Single: Club 8 – Sunny

“Escapism, Saint-Jeannet, Bubblegum Splash, Belmond Reid, Ice Bath, Tramway, Christie Laume, Fuji, Samuel Belay, Love and Desire…. Club 8 are back with the first of a string of new singles.”

I have stumbled upon a delightful piece of music that has been on repeat on my playlist lately. It is a testament to the fact that Swedish bands have a knack for creating dreamy and upbeat indie pop, and this particular single is no exception. The happy and catchy melody of the song is so infectious that it is hard not to get hooked on it. Listening to it fills me with positivity and good vibes, transporting me back to the carefree days of summer when everything seemed a little brighter and happier. The song evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth, reminding us of the hazy memories of those long summer days that we hold dear.

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