EP: Roxanne Izzo – Misery’s New Postergirl

“this EP has been such a deeply rooted part of me and my inner monologue for the past few years and I’m so exhilarated about it being a finished body of work. Writing these 5 songs saved my life, and releasing them from my private sphere into the world is so cathartic. There’s a lot of me on this, but I’m also a product of the world I live in. Got a lot more to say but just go listen.

I know I’m technically branded as a solo artist, but this EP would not exist without those who make the songs I write come to life both in the studio and live. To my big bro @massimooch who absolutely killed it on the production it and always innately just knows how to come up with just the guitar riffs of my dreams. To my other big bro Alex, the human drum machine who slayed all these drum parts in one afternoon after hearing me play each song on acoustic guitar once. And all three of us are so very thankful for @marsfromdablock who not only is a great addition to the live band and contributed the sickest bass parts, but also was also a huge part of the mixing process. Cannot describe how it’s such an honour to have their artistry on my songs, and how lucky I am to be so well-surrounded and well-supported by those who I look up to the most.”

Roxanne’s recent Instagram post provided a delightful glimpse into the essence of this EP, offering a thoughtful introduction that adds depth to the discovery of new music. Crafted by a talented Montreal-based artist, the EP emanates a remarkable energy that is both striking and invigorating.

The fusion of emo pop punk, lo-fi rock, and garage rock elements within the EP creates a dynamic and eclectic sound that is truly captivating. Each track is imbued with a unique blend of these genres, showcasing a seamless integration of diverse musical influences. Despite the edgy and raw nature of the music, there are still underlying pop sensibilities that infuse the songs with a catchy and accessible quality, making them easily relatable and engaging.

The EP’s compact yet impactful collection of five tracks exudes a palpable sense of raw energy that is impossible to ignore. Each song pulsates with a vibrant intensity, drawing listeners in and inviting them to immerse themselves in the sonic landscape crafted by the artist. The sheer enthusiasm and passion evident in the music make it a joy to experience, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the final notes fade away.

Having already enjoyed the EP immensely, I am eager to revisit it once more to fully appreciate its depth and intricacies. The sheer fun and excitement that accompanies listening to these songs make them a standout addition to any music library. Roxanne’s heartfelt endorsement of the EP serves as a testament to its quality and impact, further piquing curiosity and anticipation for what promises to be a truly memorable musical journey.

Written by Filip Zemcik