Album: Warm Wishes – I Mean ‘I Love You’ Each Time I Hold Your Hand

“I (Georgie(they/them)) recorded and produced the whole thing by myself in my dorm room at Queens college! The whole album is mainly about queer love but I also just treat every album as a diary of very personal snippets of my life.”

I have shared music from Warm Wishes on my blog and here is a new album full of heartful songs that are bringing a lot of melancholic vibes, but they are somehow speaking to me. I always enjoyed raw, lo-fi songwriting as it always felt more authentic. Especially listening to the song Good Friends made me think of all my friends who cared about me when my life was tough or I was having good times. Finding good buddies is harder and harder these years and we should all appreciate anyone who cares about us.

These short lo-fi tracks are just great to listen to and I am feeling connected. Lo-fi bedroom pop was always for me a special genre that had space on this blog and will have it in the future as well.

I recommend you find some time and listen to this album from the beginning to the end.

You can find more music on Spotify.