Album: The Binary Marketing Show – Somehow We​’​ll Grow Into Some Overlapping Oak (Selected Songs, 2007​-​2022)

Here is a quote about the band:

“The Binary Marketing Show is the lo-fi experimental project of Abram Morphew and Bethany Carder. Their music incorporates found sounds, homemade electronic instruments, synths, and bass VI into an eclectic mix of song structures and genres. Originally a recording project, the group has featured many contributors since it’s inception in 2000. The first release as a duo came in 2010 with the EP entitled “Clues From the Past” which received a mention on NPR’s All Songs Considered and won an Independent Music Award for best EP. Since then, a number of albums, singles, splits and collaborations have been released by labels Already Dead Tapes, Cold Rhymes Records, and Obsolete Media Objects. The pair currently reside in the Pacific northwest corner of the United States.”

Here is a quote from Bandcamp about the album:

“As a project, The Binary Marketing Show has existed for over twenty years, welcoming collaborators in, meditating on the unknowable and human’s place in the natural world. For over half those years, Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew have headed up this ever-evolving musical entity of electronic and acoustic sounds.

The tenth volume of our Selected Songs series focuses on this pairing’s time at the helm and the broad range of sounds they’ve helped usher into the world. Gathering work from their full-length albums, EPs, split LPs, and collaborative appearances, “Somehow We’ll Grow Into Some Overlapping Oak” highlights the more song-like side of their often collage-like approach.

Existing on the outskirts of experimental pop, indie electronic, singer-songwriter, and electro-acoustic composition, the songs on this volume push and pull between the familiar and comforting to the unfamiliar and off-kilter, simultaneously catchy and strange.

There are two reasons to share this album. The label on which this album was released – Antiquated Future Records – a pioneer in releasing various great cassette releases. The second reason is the album itself which is a really interesting experimental ride and caught my attention even though I consider myself a total experimental anti-expert. The various sounds, instruments, melodies, and overall atmosphere are so enjoyable. It is like looking at a colorful painting with so many colors and tiny details that keep popping up after closer observation. Another album that requires more listening attention and cannot be listened to in a haste. So if you do not hour to listen to this album, I recommend you wait and find it, so you can fully experience it. I know it is hard in this busy world, but this album is deserving that or get a cassette and you will be forced to listen to it from the beginning to the end. If you would need to listen just to one track, got for the third one “Daydream (I Cannot)“.

Wow, this was so much joy to listen to this album. Thank you Antiquated Future Records for bringing us this gem.

You can find more music from the band on Bandcamp.