Album: Teethe – Teethe

In a surprising turn and a means of escapism leads “Teethe”, a new project put together by members from intimate lo-fi bedroom project Dead Sullivan and avant indie pop band Crisman. With the release of their self-titled debut album, Teethe has achieved something rare— a fragment of equivocality and authenticity.

The songs on the record signal alter-egos, somehow a trajectory of their deepest yearning. By some means, it appears to be achieving abstract textures and evokes an airspace with influences of slowclore consonance. A combination of quirkiness and nocturnal atmosphere introduces the heeding and they can channel both of these strides thoroughly within each respective track. Teethe weathered a reassuring album, giving the folks a steadfast scenic and winsome listening experience.

Listen to Teethe in full and buy a cassette tape here.