A quick chat with bandanna

bandanna, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is comprised of Anna Griffith, Nick Bell, Mason Palanti, and Timothy Holder. The band recently released their much anticipated debut album ‘uncertain/ty’ via Cat Family Records. The songs on ‘uncertain/ty’ exudes forthright lyricism in touch with a personal approach underscoring sweet melodies and prominent vocals per capita. Being 2 years in the making, the band has put together a collection of ambivalence and distinctive circumstances in one record resulting to something wonderfully expressive and natural.

Below, we had a quick chat with Anna of bandanna about the new album ‘uncertain/ty’.


uncertain/ty by bandanna

Thanks for taking the time to interview with Start Track! After the release of your first full-band single ‘Fire Escape’ and the process of moving out, how are you  (the band) feeling now that you’ve finally put out your debut album ‘uncertain/ty’?

This album has been a long time coming, so it honestly is just an extreme relief to finally put it out into the world! We have been working on these songs for about 2 years and it has felt like an eternity, so it is super exciting to be able to share them now.

Can you share us a story of how ‘bandanna’ started?

We started as a band because I (Anna) was playing shows in Tallahassee by myself, and I was then signed to Cat Family Records, a non-profit record label in Tallahassee at which Nick and Tim were volunteering. They asked me if I wanted a band, I said yes, and they asked to be my band to which I also said yes, and thus bandanna was formed!

Is ‘uncertain/ty’ an outlet or a personal reflection? Is it inspired by something fictional?

‘uncertain/ty’ is mostly an outlet I would say. When I write songs it is usually in an isolated moment about a specific thing that’s happened or something I’m feeling, and it all just kind of pours out at once. The songs were written over the course of several years, yet they are all tied together by uncertainty, which i feel is a constant in most every life experience.

What are the band member’s favorite song off the new album?

Our favorite songs on the album are:

Anna – Polina

Nick – Epilogue

Tim – Fish Song

Mason – Bike Song

Are there any artists in particular that took part on influencing the new record?

We each have pretty different influences in our individual taste and playing style, but for the album it would probably be Big Thief, Snail Mail, and Brittany Howard.

You can find more music here.